18 yr old dating 13 yr old

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The only time my older kids had real one on one dates was when they went to formal dances, and even then it was usually 3 or 4 couples going together.

You either trust your son to make a good choice or you don't.

Many would have just said, can you drop me off, I'm meeting Jose and Bob.

would he agree to you seeing the same movie they're seeing if you sit far away?

I'm OKAY with the movie as long as my husband or myself are there. A - B grades (although this last quarter wasn't that great! I'm not one for keeping up with the Jones' and I don't subscribe to the "everyone else is doing it" either. We would sit behind them a couple of rows but they weren't allowed to go by themselves. my son has had the same GF since he was 13 and she was 11.

He understands our desire to meet her and her parents. I would drop them off and pick them up, and not feel like I needed to be present. there's almost certainly a reasonable compromise here that doesn't involve belittling his intelligence (the bridge canard is way wore out.) would you be okay going to the movies but actually seeing a different one?

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Originally it was going to be with another couple but they had to back out. My response (and her parents response) was to either go with a group or a parent had to go. OH MY GOSH a teenage boy wants to go to the movies with a teenage girl!! so have them add a couple of friends and let them go as a group.