1st year sobriety and no dating portugal dating age

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Interacting with other human beings is a difficult thing to do.Making eye contact for prolonged periods of time, holding conversation, listening and reacting appropriately… Believe it or not, most of us alcoholics are in the same boat when it comes to crippling social anxiety.Drinks are insanely expensive, especially if you take your date to a relatively nice place (rather than, say, Applebee’s).And with your drinking habits, a couple of cheap beers will probably not cut it.Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices.

We convince ourselves that we are inadequate in every way imaginable, and that we are going to die alone surrounded by screaming cats and yellowed newspapers. It is only scary and uncomfortable because we are unused to it. And as socially handicapped and innately insane alcoholics, the idea of dating in sobriety is possibly the most horrifying change of all.

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Eventually we are introduced to alcohol, and at once we are overcome by the warm and carefree feeling we had been fruitlessly searching for.

Everything finally makes sense, and we are able to interact with confidence and ease. And then high school ends, and we eventually turn 21, and drinking rapidly transforms from a sloppy and perilous pastime to a sophisticated and totally legal adult activity.

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