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That’s why Bruce gave us some of his tips from his years of experience in this industry.

Chemistry gets involved, and there are many things they didn’t think about when they made that list,” he said. They say they want all these things, but what they really want is a great relationship, love, and a family. If a potential client is separated but not divorced, they must present a divorce certificate before they can sign up with the agency.“Sometimes it doesn’t work because people are thinking of themselves rather than the other person — or ‘me’ rather than ‘we.’ Part of our service is to help people see that it’s not all about them.” Of course, communication also comes with understanding cultural differences.Thanks to movies and the media, people in both Japan and the West have ideas about each other that may not be correct.“No one is going to marry someone without connecting and seeing if they have similar values.The key to all relationships is communication, whether verbal and non-verbal,” Bruce said.

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“There are some hurdles that people need to overcome when they’re pursuing an international relationship,” he said.