5 simple rules of dating

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The fake wood panel slid open and a small grid of shelves decorated the small interior.His black, oversized hoodie, his obnoxious red, white and blue hoodie that Steve bought him, the Winter Soldier sweater that the Avengers public relations team sent over, and even the soft fleece one that Thor had gifted him from Asgard.Natasha nudged Bucky as he startled again, shaking his head as he realized they were back at the tower. ” Natasha stared at him, a brown paper bag tucked under her arm. Stark at .” The secretary smiled as Natasha fished out a sandwich and slid it onto the desk. Natasha started walking, and Bucky scrambled to keep up as Natasha gently pushed the doors open.“We are.” The elevator dinged as Bucky wandered into the main offices of Stark Industries. Bucky stopped right in the middle of the doorway as he gawked. IMPORANT: I got this idea from something I read called "10 simple rules for dating my daughter. I just made a House fic out of it."I don't think so," House said flatly."Please daddy? ""A stupid style" House retorted"Come on dad, be cool" Megan said, making that puppy dogface. I suppose, since you seem nice, you can occasionally glance at her, but I swear if you can't keep your hands or eyes of my daughter, I will remove them. If you happen to glace over and see someone that looks like he could rob your house, I know him. ' "I am not acting like mom, if I were mom I would have locked you in your room with the bible, and hope to God that your boy obsession went away"Megan didn't think that was funny. " House exclaimed 'Like hell would I ever let her go out with a boy who is to dimwitted to figure out his fuckin' pant size' he thought to himself."Oh come on, that's the style! So, next time you come to pick her up instead of sitting here with me, do something useful, like taking out the trash""Uh huh" Jess said, noticing the cane by this crazy mans side. House could do to him."Fourth" House said, continuing his little rules, "You do not touch my daughter in front of me.

No one else on the team could eat it, and all of them stared in horror as they watched Tony devour it the first time. You can both go right in.” Bucky stared as he saw Natasha’s lips twitch upwards into an actual smile.

It was honestly terrifying how well she timed it, and Bucky could never quite figure out how she did it. Bucky suspects that Tony had helped them out after the Chitauri invasion, but even that was just a theory.

She adjusted her purse before nodding towards the door. ” Bucky nodded as he followed her out into the warm, summer air. Not even he could get Tony to tell him the full story.

Tony snored gently into his arms, his face pillowed by Bucky’s favourite green army jacket.

Bucky melted as he softly padded towards his sleeping boyfriend.

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