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Employees may urge a colleague to participate or not to participate in religious activities to the same extent that, consistent with concerns of workplace efficiency, they may urge their colleagues to engage in or refrain from other personal endeavors.

But employees must refrain from such expression when a fellow employee asks that it stop or otherwise demonstrates that it is unwelcome.

These Guidelines principally address employees' religious exercise and religious expression when the employees are acting in their personal capacity within the Federal workplace and the public does not have regular exposure to the workplace.And agencies shall accommodate employees' exercise of their religion in the circumstances specified in these Guidelines. As a matter of law, agencies shall not restrict personal religious expression by employees in the Federal workplace except where the employee's interest in the expression is outweighed by the government's interest in the efficient provision of public services or where the expression intrudes upon the legitimate rights of other employees or creates the appearance, to a reasonable observer, of an official endorsement of religion.These requirements are but applications of the general principle that agencies shall treat all employees with the same respect and consideration, regardless of their religion (or lack thereof). The examples cited in these Guidelines as permissible forms of religious expression will rarely, if ever, fall within these exceptions.The Guidelines do not comprehensively address whether and when the government and its employees may engage in religious speech directed at the public.They also do not address religious exercise and religious expression by uniformed military personnel, or the conduct of business by chaplains employed by the Federal Government.

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(c) Employees generally may wear religious medallions over their clothes or so that they are otherwise visible.

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