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Accomodating foreign

Russian, Sanskrit, and Ancient Greek are Indo-European languages that are usually transliterated.However, commentaries on original texts often do not transliterate.

foreign words Write in roman when foreign words and phrases have become essentially a part of the English language (eg, elite, debacle, fête, de rigueur, soirée); likewise, now use roman rather than italic, but retain accents, in a bon mot, a bête noire, the raison d'être.However, an "ñ" is not an accented "n" but a totally different letter altogether. The accents that are more likely to be kept in are the ones we're more familiar with.British kids are taught French so French words are almost never changed.Accents should be used in headlines and on capital letters.With Anglicised words, no need for accents in foreign words that have taken English nationality (hotel, depot, debacle, elite, regime etc), but keep the accent when it makes a crucial difference to pronunciation or understanding - café, communiqué, détente, émigré, façade, fête, fiancée, mêlée, métier, pâté, protégé, raison d'être; also note vis-à-vis.

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My question is about words from languages with Latin script, where some glyphs are not found commonly in English.

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