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By evaluating the utility of these services, we can enhance existing programs and inform other caregiver support strategies.

This article is based upon work supported (or supported in part) by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration, Office of Academic Affiliations and Office of Specialty Care Transformation. what stage he was in, you know, and what we’ve already been through, and what’s normal, what’s not normal.

That was something I would get some more concrete advice but even the doctors now they don’t .

I mean, I was hoping it would help me, the obsession he has over the video tapes. [laughs] I mean they don’t even really have any concrete things.

well, when I get to this final stage, you can expect such and such, you know. how you can continue to get the self-care that you need in order to be able to withstand that last, that final stage. We demonstrated how these services improved participants’ daily caregiver experiences and identified caregiver-perceived program gaps. What are the implications for public health practice? We thank Indira Brevick, Jennifer Childs, and Ebony Glass for their support. We received no funding for this work and used no copyrighted materials or copyrighted surveys, instruments, or tools. Themes and Sample Remarks from Caregiver Participants (N = 11), Study of Effectiveness of Caregiver Support Services, Atlanta Veterans Affairs Health Care System, Atlanta, Georgia, August 2016–May 2017It had a lot of good information in it.

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