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Provision of educational guidance is given high priority in Denmark.

The Danish Act on guidance, adopted in 2004, aims to develop a transparent guidance system with easy access to high quality guidance services.

As from 2018 a new legislation is expected to be adopted which will change the Act on guidance and the role of the youth guidance centres.

Regional guidance centres (”Studievalg”) Guidance is provided by full-time guidance practitioners at the seven regional guidance centres in the transition from youth education to higher education.

Our member-based program is available to individuals over the age of 21.

Our school caters to students from middle school through grade 12.

Clients are students in youth education programmes, and young people and adults wishing to enter a higher education programme (HE).

In 2018, a new structure called Studievalg Danmark will be established, with a director and a secretariat as part of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, coordinating the work of all seven guidance centres.

They implement the topic called “Education and Job”, see Fact sheet on Careers Education and Fact sheet on Education and Job.In order to ensure that all citizens have access to quality information about education and professions, different types of guidance centres work independently from sectoral and institutional interests.These types include municipal youth guidance centres, regional guidance centres, online platforms such as Uddannelses Guiden (the Education Guide) and e Guidance, as well as centres for adult education and continuing training (VEU-centres).The Academy hires only experienced classroom or online teachers who are certified or certifiable in New Hampshire to fill instructor vacancies.Instructors must also meet No Child Left Behind “highly qualified teacher” requirements. The teachers here are not just teachers; they are your friends, your advisors, and sometimes-even mentors.

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They want to watch you take your steps into the world and make a name for yourself.

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