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The Figures range from the energetic clarity of the geometric warriors and mourners to the grace and flowing draperies of the archaic female Figures, reflecting the greater luxury and leisure of later centuries.

The contemporary Greek ensemble, with Eleni Mahaira-Odoni singing, will present traditional and contemporary Greek music on gouzouki, bag-lama, guitar and piano.

W Afemndeti A SUPERMARKETS \ J \ Register now to WIN a 14’ Fisherman boat! Items & Prices In Effect Through Wednesday, June 14, 1989 Sirloin Steakhouse Style Great on [usda the grill!

(CH0ICE Chicken Leg Quarters Moist & Tender Armour Baked Ham & Glazed Freshly Sliced!

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S., following the human form from the Greek geometric period to the art of imperial Rome The marble sculptures, bronzes, pottery, and terra cotta Figures are a magni Ficent collection that show how the concept of ideal human beauty changed as Greek society evolved.

COMPILED BY RICHARD P COOK Hellenic Cultural Society plans night at Museum of Fine Arts By MARY SAMPAS Sun Correspondent For its last program of its First successful season, the Hellenic Culture Society is sponsoring "Hellenic Night” at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston on June 22.

Guests will enjoy Greek music and delicacies under the stars in the Fine Arts courtyard, and view "The Human Figure in Early Greek Art’ exhibit, held at the museum from June 7 to Sept. The exhibit includes Greek sculptures dating from the Fifth to ninth century B. In addition to the 67 works of art - most of which have never before been shown outside Greece - there is a companion exhibit.

Tutors, teachers, students, volunteers and others interested in adult literacy are invited to attend Workshops are planned on teaching and management skills, literacy issues, and the latest materials, methods and research.

Contact Krista Mc I,eod at Pollard Memorial Library. At Discovery Museums What Flag Are You Flying" will be the subject of a special program for younger children (toddlers-age 8) on June 14 (Flag Day), from ll a rn -noon, at Discovery Museums, Route 27.

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Acton Fun construction of family flags to take home is planned.

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