Afghan nudesex

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Afghan nudesex

If you have already killed a German, then kill another one – there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed. This is the type of liberty they delivered when they swept through the lands of Eastern half of Europe.We’ve been inundated with fabricated claims of the alleged Jewish victims of the holocaust, while there are great masses of tens of millions of children murdered by the Jewish Bolsheviks.On one day alone, infamously known as the Bromberg Bloody Sunday, Polish Jews, under the protection of the Polish Army, attacked a small German town of Bromberg and viciously massacred 5,500 unarmed Volksdeutsche.Hitler could no longer stand idly by while his people were being slaughtered.Most, as soon as the captors threatened them with being handed over to the Russians, instantly signed their lives away and self incriminated themselves to face certain execution, rather than face the possibility of being handed over to the Reds and with it, condemned to the life in a Gulag.The Nuremberg Trials were show trials, but occasional western observers were allowed, which is why we have verifiable accounts of torture, but the Gulags were behind the iron curtain and there was no mercy for anyone there.He is credited with propagation of the 6 Million myth which he promoted by displaying fake bars of soap at fundraising rallies in the United States. Ilya Ehrenberg was also the first person to mention the 6 Million alleged Jewish victims of the alleged Holocaust.Ilya Ehrenberg was the driving force behind the orgy of rape and murder against the civilian population of Europe that took place as the Reds rampaged into their lands. Along with his fellow propagandist Vasily Grossman (Iosif Solomonovich), the two produced a fictitious “Black Book” that laid the foundation for The Holocaust.

The Jewish-led Bolsheviks had been committing massive ethnically-motivated genocide against Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Serbs, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Croatians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Austrians and Germans for over 20 years and had massacred tens of millions of innocent people long before World War II even began. After World War II broke out, Germans were greeted by the people of Russia as liberators.

Edward Rydz-Śmigły – commander in chief of Poland’s army said: Protected by the Polish army and merrily joined by Russian NDVK Jews, Polish Jews went around raping and murdering German civilians in the Danzig corridor by the tens of thousands, raping every woman and child, crucifying little ones by nailing them to barn doors.

Germany had protested the mass killings of their people in writing to the League of Nations several times but nothing was done about it.

The atrocities of the Reds were so legendary, that when the SS commanders abandoned their posts in the labor camps to flee back to Germany, majority of the laborers who were held in the camp, including the Jews chose to flee with them, than be left in the mercy of the merciless Russian Bolsheviks.

It is also for that very reason, why so many captured Germans didn’t even need to be tortured in order to “confess” to any utter bullshit their captors wanted them to “confess” to at Nuremberg Trials.

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For 50 years after the massacre, in the same fashion Jews still lie about the alleged Holocaust, the world was lied to by the Jews that it was the German Nazi that committed the Katyn Massacre.

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