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Andrew walker dating

MEMORIES OF DESSERT You have made two films with Arielle Kebbel–would you work with her again if you could? Arielle and I are really good friends off screen and while I wonder if it might seem strange to marry the same girl for the third time in a film, she was easy to work with.Would you come back to “When Calls the Heart” if given the chance? Billy Hamilton was such a fun role–one of my favorite characters to develop.Some fans may not know that I auditioned for the role of Mountie Jack and the choice was down to Daniel Lissing and me.

When I joined SAG long ago, there was another Andrew Walker and in order to avoid confusion I added the middle initial.

That’s why it is wonderful to have a place like Hallmark that just seems to call at opportune times.

In the past few years, my wife and I have gone into business together–a cold press juice company right next to a hot yoga studio (my wife and I are very health-conscious)–and so that takes up my time when I’m not acting.

It’s an important one, but it is never pushed in such a way that it ruins the overall story.

What was it like working with Marcus Rosner on this film? Since we’re both sports guys, we kind of bonded over that.

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Actually, we were only on the set together for about three days.

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