Anime dating games on ds

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Doing so isn’t exactly simple however as dating sims can sometimes be statistics hell, but usually the earning of affection or whatever is through conversation trees, gifting, what have you.

Because I didn’t want to miss out on the fun in either character’s story, I played as both Brett and Becky several times over.Yes, he sets the love of his life up with some model scout for an easy job then goes around playing matchmaker for himself and other characters.Early in the game the rich snotty kid Conor will mention a romantic cruise contest, but it won’t be brought up until the last mission in which you chose between three girls; Becky, Erica, or Kiki, to take on the cruise with you.Halfway through her storyline, Becky will meet another ugly guy, the rich kid Conor, and date him only to be cheated on again.For some reason this results in Becky either framing him for burglary or having his father angry at him.

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franchise to care about correctly marketing some low-budget DS game for teens.

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