Anna wallner dating

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Anna wallner dating

The crust data for all sections and for all three deeper layers are compatible (for details see also Supplementary Table 1).Owing to a higher chemical yield (integral sensitivity, column 5, Table 1) layers 3 and 4 provide lower limits.Such a process is confirmed by inclusion in these archives of meteoritic Fe (2.62 My), owing to their longer half-life).

For actinide transport through the latter stages, the observed deposition of global fallout in deep marine reservoirs after injection to the stratosphere serves as a proxy to extraterrestrial particles.The measured Pu particle flux using chemical yield, detection efficiency, the incorporation efficiency of Pu into the crust (21±5 %, see Methods and Table 3), and the area and time period covered.We also assume that the extraterrestrial Pu flux through Earth’s cross-section is homogeneously distributed over the Earth’s surface.It should be noted that Galactic cosmic-rays penetrate the SS and recent observations clearly demonstrate therein the presence of Th and U, and tentatively of Pu concentrations reaching Earth, integrated over a period of 24.5 My.Our data are a factor of 80–640 lower than the values expected under our constraints on ISM grain composition from a SN derived steady-state actinide production (the 2σ upper limit of ~840 atoms per cm Pu flux over a time period of 24.5 My (~1/10 of the SS rotation period in the Galaxy) corresponding to a relative travel distance of the SS of 650 pc (taking the mean speed of the measured ISM dust particles of 26 km s (ref.

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Our experimental results are then compared with these estimations.

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