Are freddie and carly dating in real life single but not dating

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The actors have been related since the beginning of 2018, when the film was still being recorded. Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin had a six-year relationship in the 1970s.They broke up and Mercury, bisexual, started to relate more to men, but the friendship between the two was maintained until the singer’s death in November 1991 “Mary was the heiress of almost all her ex-boyfriend’s fortune and lives discreetly in a high-standard house – and very tall walls, to avoid inquiring – in London.During their phone conversation she tells him that she loves him shortly before hanging up.Freddie, meanwhile, has taken to chain-smoking weed to deal with his depression, and JJ has to goad him to go after her.

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Except for Pandora, at whose house she is staying, the rest of the group believe she has simply left for the year; Freddie suspects that she dumped him to compensate for what she did to Cook in the previous season finale.