Are holly and joshua from american idol dating studies about online dating

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Are holly and joshua from american idol dating

Phillip Phillips chooses “The Letter” by The Boxtops and while Jimmy was concerned by Phillip’s chord change in the melody, I was more concerned we’d be watching the exact same performance we’ve been watching since January and I was right.

Hollie tends to harness her inner Celine Dion and the song gets away from her but Steven Van Zandt encouraged her to sing to one person, make it intimate and it worked.

JLo called her baby seventy-five times, Steven Tyler said he never heard the song but loved it and Randy said she’s peaking at the right time.

“Time Of The Season” by the Zombies is a sexy, fun song that everyone knows and loves to sing along to and Phillip Phillips pledged to sing it pretty straightforward and not change it up too much.

Mentors Jimmy and Stevie were pleased with that decision but said it might scare people a little now that they’re used to the changes he makes.

PP is not a hot or sexy kid but, I wanted to do some unmentionable things to him immediately at the “what’s your name, who’s your daddy, is he rich like me” line.

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Steven Tyler said “The only thing that gives experience a run for its money is a 16 year old” and mothers of teenage girls everywhere simultaneously hugged their babies tight.

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