Arianna huffington bill maher dating slow dating leeds

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Arianna huffington bill maher dating

Informed by a dishy, largely anti-Bush sensibility, the Huff Po features links to the stories it deems most vital and blog posts from a mix of celebrities, politicos and experts, none of whom are paid.On any given day they might include Hillary Clinton, King Abdullah of Jordan, Bill Maher—and, of course, Huffington herself.“She’s become the personification of a media brand,” says her friend Tom Freston, former Viacom chief.That’s all I needed to convince myself that I could bank upon that 0,000. Deciding that I needed someone with a wider audience to promote FDSPD, I enlisted Ellen De Generes.The contest ended July 14 Long Shot in Creating the Next Social Phenomenon: In a recent post, “Make Fully Dressed Spontaneous Pole Dancing the Next Phenomenon,” I asked for help to make FDSPD a phenomenon. I appealed to her through her Ellen De Generes Page and included a link to my post explaining my quest. Ellen and I would dance together in a “Singing In The Rain” sort of manner. After entering the Oreo Creation Contest 52 times, I energized my creativity. Ellen’s assistants might be showing her my email right now! Dressed in a black pantsuit and a blouse with a plunging neckline, she has a ready laugh and the ability to create an instant intimacy.“She can do anything—give a speech, a toast, tell a story,” says director and writer Nora Ephron, a longtime friend.

Here, in the Huffington Post’s West Coast bureau, an office resembling a college dorm room, four staffers keep tabs on the traffic.As a cybersalonista, Huffington is perpetually brokering connections among the A-listers she knows from Hollywood, Washington, the media and beyond.She launched the Huffington Post in 2005 as the left’s answer to the Drudge Report, introducing boldfaced names to the blogosphere.Newly divorced and attempting to screw up enough courage to reenter the dating life, I thought, , Arianna’s assistant handed me a sticky note and directed me to write what I’d like Arianna to write on the flyleaf. A bit weary from the day, Arianna graciously held out her hand for the book and sticky note. While visiting Chicago, the skyline inspired my “Marina Towers in the Fog” entry.I did so and also wrote an additional note that I would pass to her. After reading the sticky note a puzzled look crossed her face whereupon I handed her my other note. (Four chocolate wafers represented the visible bottom floors of the tower.

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(The editorial office is in Manhattan.) Huffington jokes with them as she clicks on to 23/6, a new comedy site financed by Barry Diller’s IAC, in which the Huffington Post is a partner.

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