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Armenian dating 2016

The Ancient Greek terms These connections are inconclusive as it is not known what languages were spoken in these kingdoms.

Additionally, while it is agreed that Arme was located to the immediate west of Lake Van (and therefore in the greater Armenia region), the location of the older site of Armani is a matter of debate.

The Nairi confederation and its successor, Urartu, successively established their sovereignty over the Armenian Highlands.

Each of the aforementioned nations and confederacies participated in the ethnogenesis of the Armenians.

Several Bronze Age cultures and states flourished in the area of Greater Armenia, including the Trialeti-Vanadzor culture, Hayasa-Azzi, and Mitanni (located in southwestern historical Armenia), all of which are believed to have had Indo-European populations.

During World War I, Armenians living in their ancestral lands in the Ottoman Empire were systematically exterminated in the Armenian Genocide.

In 1918, following the Russian Revolution, all non-Russian countries declared their independence after the Russian Empire ceased to exist, leading to the establishment of the First Republic of Armenia.

By 1920, the state was incorporated into the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, and in 1922 became a founding member of the Soviet Union.

In 1936, the Transcaucasian state was dissolved, transforming its constituent states, including the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, into full Union republics.

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Of the four sons of Aram, Uz founded Trachonitis and Damascus: this country lies between Palestine and Celesyria.

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