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First of all let’s start with the license types under which Dating is being sold. Even the package for 790 Euros doesn’t include such a basic thing nowadays. And lastly, another set of very basic things in good sites is being sold separately… For this Dating review I'll be using Internet Explorer 6.0. Just because sales is unavailable it does not mean tech support is missing as well! 290 for the script and no additional fees, costs whatever, so where did you get ...There are several “packages” which I'll list in a table: We see that Dating can be purchased as a hosted solution too, for monthly fee. Will just need to pay 79 Euros for setup and 79 Euros per month. Asp Net Ajax Chat with price from 79 to 999 Euros (depends on simultaneous users the plugin can support). Now let's see the level of the implementation of Dating. If the site looks and works well in that version of browser, it will work good in all available browsers. Read more Aspnet Dating is a piece of crap | By: Moti Meiri | May 7, 2010 The users hate it, it is poorly written, using the worst practices.Thousands of dating sites exist on the internet and help us in the finding of soulmates.

Can manage all the parts of the site, but can’t edit, for example, the template of your Dating web-site. 5 hours have passed already and I didn’t get any response as of yet.Maybe Dating thinks that “Installation” and “Setup” are different statements? I don't like when companies write things which have nothing to do with the reality. Not too comfortable to start a dating site with such kind of license type. Though the fact that the code is open is not sufficient if you're not familiar with #C. It is almost half the price of the software with open source code. Not an advantage taking into the consideration that 80% of all users nowadays set resolution starting from 1024x768. The software has a country detection by IP feature. Is it legit to allow 14 years young children to register on a dating site? Cherry picking out some negatives -- with a main gripe of no online 'sales support' on weekends??Everybody, who starts a dating site, wants to earn with such a web-site. The price of the package is 790 Euros and can be installed on one domain only L Pretty expensive. The same as the previous one but with a dedicated server. No info about that.) and 290 Euros monthly fee (does this include the dedicated server maintenance? And the pricelist for additional services of Dating. Now let's see how Dating's registration process works. It is good: Don't see any information concerning the obligatory fields. Um, so how about engaging them in a conversation Monday through Friday and commenting on what occured? At the homepage of the company we can see the following statement: NO MONTHLY, ANNUAL OR HIDDEN FEES Well, I can agree that there aren't any hidden fees, but why they've written NO MONTHLY, ANNUAL fees when 2 licenses from 3 have monthly fees? The source is encrypted, means no modification is possible. Is this such a great and necessary feature when it costs so much? The design is CSS based, not too many graphical files which will guarantee the fast loading of the site. I suspect that all the "positive reviews" about it were written by the publisher.Besides of it I see the following on the main page of the web-site: 100% FREE INSTALLATION But in the pricelist we see: 79 setup fee for Hosted Version license type 490 setup fee for Source Code Dedicated Server Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Besides of it, the quantity of registered users is limited by 2000. All the default templates are created for 800x600 resolution monitors, no liquid layout. Read more This is not a real review | By: Eric O | Feb 11, 2010 This review is a complete crock.

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One of the most obnoxious things about developing a website from scratch is dealing with all incidental menuing, layout and all of that.

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