Atheist women dating

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Atheist women dating

Should things ever progress to the point of having children, you will want to have a very honest and open discussion about what compromises you both are willing to make regarding the religious upbringing of your kids. At one time Arabic doctors were the best there were, but that is a loooong time ago.

I can't tell you what to compromise on, but constant communication with your partner, and making no assumptions will be key. She is ill and you're a loving human being supporting her. Further advancement thereof stalled because of, well, I don't have to spell that out.

You find her world view comical, bigoted, sexist, unpleasant, quackery based on a war criminal who is bigoted against you and your whole family. I think that it's dishonest to say that you respect her views. You might respect her, and you might think that she has the right to have her own views, but you are pretty much laughing at her for it. Instead of telling her what you don't respect and have total disgust for, tell her what you do.

Say "I love and respect you and your choices but as a nonreligious oerson I'm uncomfortable with how women have been historically treated in Islam." That's completely reasonable and she likely agrees with you.

We talk about other things but not religion that much.

However, if it ever should come up what should I say?

Find common ground and find excuses to love her and see beyond her beliefs. Dear OP: My best wishes to you and to those you love.

But I didn't enjoy being "wrong" about so many things in the eyes of her parents, and I didn't enjoy thinking about how many fights we would have if we were ever to try to raise children. It's also probably not going to be too much of an issue since she's dating a non-muslim and in most muslim cultures that's a death sentence.Our site has 100's of other members waiting to date somebody exactly like you!I am a non Muslim (an atheist), the woman I am dating is a Muslim (she is highly intelligent and is pretty moderate though).It may get her to question her beliefs presuming you live in a society where she can do that. no shes using it to be happy and on an individual level there is nothing wrong with that. Don't use judgemental words as you did in you description above. That statement also, in a round about way, shows your deep care and concern for her in regards to how other ppl treat dont be selfish, shes going through a tough time. go find a website that will let you cherry pick the Qur'an and find the shit that you like.

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I have a great deal of respect for her (and for Muslim women generally) but I just cannot regard Islam and its policies towards women with anything other than contempt (Mohammed the religions founder was a sexual predator who regarded women as inferiors as Ayaan Hirsi Ali has argued).

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