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Att commercial dating girl

Because the site can only contract so many companies that want to advertise on these breaks, it means that they play the same few commercials over and over and over.

May 9th, 2011 I’ve adopted several animals and rescued house rabbits and even volunteered at a wildlife shelter, so I know a good cause when I see one.

A recent example of this was brought to us by Buick/GMC. One ad shows a mother reminiscing about how her daughter grew up in the back seat of their car. At the same time they were showing another ad about a father trying to teach his two sons to drive—the sons are messing up and arguing and fighting, and the mom wonders if dad can handle it. Other examples appeared in Liberty Mutual ads, where several men destroy cars (one drives his car into the garage with bikes on top, another is on top of his car in a lake, another thinks he is in reverse but drives through garage door).

The two ads showed two people talking after one has gotten up very early for Black Friday, while the other got up late and saved thousands on a new car. In the ad with women, the woman who went shopping just looks tired. Not only do they present women and girls as wonderful and sweet while showing males as jerks, but they also must show the males being judged by a woman. Each of these has a nearby woman (bystander or female insurance agent) judging.

Activia–contribute to Komen 9/10 ***Acura–Bette Midler goes overboard as a Christmas caroler 11/11 Acura–Gordon Ramsey goes overboard on cooking dinner 11/11 Acura–(superbowl) Seinfeld and competitor lose clothes on speed boat 2/12 Acura–Dr Phil thinks guy is compensating by looking at huge Christmas tree 11/12 Acura–Santa complains when guy wants to buy motorized Santa for lawn 11/12 ***Acura–Suze Orman criticizes her for buying expensive dress 12/12 Acura–denigrates 3 male advisors: spray tanner, mix taper, reinactor 6/13 Ad Council–buzzed driving guy on date, she pays, they walk home to his parents 12/12 Ad Council–buzzed driving guy living with parents 12/12 Ad Council–people play catch with buzzed driver’s keys 1/13 ADT–mom and daughter walk in on burglar 10/13 ADT–family gets security to protect two daughters 10/13 Advil–man belly flops and falls off skates 12/07 Advil — man helps son, gets hit in head 5/08 Advil–man walks into pole looking at pretty woman 1/08 Advil–fat guy on slip & slide and rollerblades into car door 6/08 Advil–sleeping test in tent, woman sleeps with advil, man without doesn’t 11/08 Advil–mucus character is a guy 11/10 Advil–bicyclist’s nurse wife tells him what medicine to use 12/12 Aflac–goofy duck is male Aflac–smug female doctor says male doctor sells DVDs from his van 3/13 Airwick–cartoon elephant’s husband is centipede with stinky feet 7/07 Airwick–cartoon giraffe has 2 dirty warthog teenage sons 7/07 Airwick–Phil has stinky feet 3/11 Alamo–beaver makes fun of buffalo Alamo–buffalo is naked in bathroom, he removes fur to clean it 8/07 Alka Seltzer–guy coughs during boss’es golf shot 1/13 Alka Seltzer–she asks if he is still eating chalk for heartburn 6/13 Allstate–breath holding dork hits statue of Bobby Bowden Allstate–dork at cafe leaves new car out of gear, rolls into road, hit by truck 10/7 Allstate–dork goes to make call while driving 11/07 Allstate–friends tell guy to get grown-up car insurance 1/08 Allstate–dorks dress as cheerleaders to sneak into game 9/08 Allstate–dork doesn’t know his friend is married 10/08 Allstate–friend orders beef tar tar, dork does too but says hold the tartar sauce 10/9 Allstate–guy is “mayhem”, puppy eats backseat 7/10 Allstate–guy is “mayhem”, storm knocks tree on car 7/10 Allstate–guy is “mayhem”, female jogger distracts boy driver 7/10 Allstate–guy is “mayhem”, evil GPS in car 7/10 Allstate–Randy, on jack hammer, is one dumb dude 12/11 Allstate–“Mayhem” puts someone on hold for 97 minutes 2/12 Allstate–“Mayhem” is a dog who lets burglars in and gets zapped by collar 3/12 Allstate–young guy in orange knit cap rear-ends older man’s car 5/12 Allstate–announcer keeps correcting dumb guy (poodles are really smart) 7/12 Allstate–he claims men better drivers, she gets good driver discount 10/12 Allstate–girl reassures dad he has right insurance 10/12 Allstate–“mayhem” drives mower over gravel, breaks windows, dents car 11/12 ***Allstate–guys painting of ex shows her eating lizard 1/13 Allstate–“mayhem” falls backward down stairs 3/13 Allstate–boys in treehouse watch Mrs Koslofsky 4/13 Allstate–guy has horse’s ass tattoo 6/13 Allstate–guy’s motorcycle sounds like a weedwacker 7/13 Allstate–ceiling water leak destroys TV on game day 8/13 Allstate–“mayhem” starts fire in car in stadium parking lot 10/13 Allstate–toddler daughter criticizes dad for buying cheap insurance 11/13 Allstate–mayhem doesn’t tie down stuff in back of pickup, dumps it onto freeway 11/13 Alltel–wizard sicks doberman on other phone guys 6/08 Ally Bank–guy moves ahead of other in checkout line, wins ,000 7/12 American Cancer Society — family (Mom, Dad, little girl) dealing with Mom’s cancer 10/07 American Express–guy uses super hero card at business lunch, German clients mock him, woman pulls out Am Express 7/08 American Express–guy buys business airline ticket with kitty card, clerk at desk calls security 9/08 American Express–Aziz does “too much” to impress a woman 3/12 American Express–Aziz is embarrassingly bad at kayaking 4/12 American Family Insurance–Brady Bunch theme, boys damage house 4/08—bald guy has 3 bushy haired ancestors that were barbers 3/12 Angie’s List–mom says life is hectic with 2 boys 9/13 Apple–iphone ad, she asks friend “Did he apologize?

” 8/13 Appleby’s–girls’ night out 7/08 Apples to Apples–glamorous Bigfoot and Sexy Lincoln 11/12 Arby’s — zoo keepers let animals loose Arby’s–guy loses bet and marries goat 9/08 Arby’s–guy gets sauce off buddy’s cheek with 2-ft tongue 8/11 Arby’s–lucky guy who always wins is crushed by falling piano 7/12 Arco–guy screams constantly when he finds out there is no credit card fee 12/11 Armour All — viking steals guy’s car and wife 7/13–kids can’t drink bad milk but dad can 2/09–she laughs at his question why sweat is salty 3/12 AT&T — guy in Vegas tries to soften to his wife that he is down 5800 “chips” 10/07 AT&T — (lion & Applegate) lion threatens guy 1/08 At&T — (lion & Applegate) Applegate mocks guy talking while others work 2/08 AT&T — fat ugly pool player “Dillweed” missed chance for Motorhead tickets because of bad phone 3/08 AT&T — crazy dad at lover’s lane because he missed call from daughter 3/08 AT&T — “Chuck is an idiot”, shooting baskets in bar while missing tickets to Final 4 4/08 AT&T — guy misses correct pronunciation of guy from Hong Kong, calls him “Mr Stinky Fish Face” 4/08 AT&T — Taekwondo woman kicks guy around, another guy next 5/08 AT&T — wife scolds husband and sons for throwing away red clock minutes 5/08 AT&T– girl is with stinky boy because her phone has no reception 6/08 AT&T–boy checks women in mirror in phone, girlfriend rolls eyes 7/08 AT&T–guy puts family in bad French hotel with dogs rubbing on carpet 7/08 AT&T–guy thinks window is HD TV, watches car towed 7/08 AT&T–guy can’t afford food, steals buddy’s burger and fries 7/08 AT&T–guy writes complaint letter in British accent 8/08 AT&T–Don wants to throw away milky minutes, ***AT&T–Mom’s sister is lactose intolerant 8/08 ***AT&T–girl misses Michael Phelps visiting town 8/08 AT&T–dork tries to watch 4 shows at once 8/08 AT&T–dork tries to guess neighbor’s password to get into network 8/08 AT&T–Ned wasn’t supposed to mention “merger” at meeting which goes berserk 9/08 AT&T–dork takes computer outside with long cable 9/08 AT&T–guy put frozen turkey in hot oil, it explodes 11/08 AT&T–Slate Sanchez is now in the blast zone 12/08 AT&T–dork ties TV to himself 3/09 AT&T–dork skeptical about friend’s “teletransporting” system 3/09 AT&T–Mom and daughter school dad on computer technology 5/09 AT&T–dork watches DVDR in bathroom 8/09 AT&T–neigborhood kids act out soap operas for dork 8/09 AT&T-kid screams when with dad 4/10 AT&T–mom and daughter shame dad who can’t understand invisible cord 6/10 AT&T–son thinks he is fooling mom about how long he studies, she embarasses him 8/10 AT&T–guy with slow text message thinks he wasn’t invited to office party, embarrassed 12/10 AT&T–couple does “hot-spot hoppin”, they have disagreement, she glares at him 1/11 AT&T–man forgets anniversary, makes restaurant reservation while on phone 1/11 AT&T–guy watches phone instead of son’s soccer game 2/11 AT&T–cop smashes glass door into guy 2/11 AT&T–guy parks recliner in front of TV store window 4/11 AT&T–flash mob dancer is early, dances by himself 5/11 AT&T–school girl and two women criticize cable guy on career day 5/11 AT&T–co-worker smashes guy’s phone with picture of spider 6/11 AT&T–buddy uses smartphone to send embarassing picture of sleeping friend 8/11 ***AT&T–wife thinks husband overspent without asking her, but benefit was free 8/11 AT&T–guy in office is guilty of 7 office rules 11/11 AT&T–couple having “together time”, she catches him looking at phone to check football game 11/11 AT&T–girl calls him to tell him she is giving him the silent treatment 1/12 AT&T–guy lies on speed date, she checks his website to expose the lies 3/12 AT&T–couple in car, she glares at his bad singing 7/12 AT&T–goat grabs guy’s sandwich and kicks pack off rock 8/12 AT&T–guy gets winded hi-5ing tall basketball players 4/13 AT&T–embarrassing dad interrupts kids playing of “Smoke on the Water” 4/13 AT&T–“moms are the best” 5/13 AT&T–son locked out of house, mom opens door by phone 7/13 Audi–guy in SUV trying to get out of parking lot with 18-point turn, woman disgusted 4/08 Audi (Superbowl)–guy slammed onto hood by green police 2/10 Audi–son comes home for Christmas, parents take off in his car 11/11 Audi–girl claims his dad is an alien 5/12 Axe–guy with spraying armpits 3/09 & 3/10 Axe–beautiful women dissolve because of guy’s dandruff 3/12 Ballpark Franks–men “easier fed than understood” 9/12 Ballpark Franks–guy drips hamburger on couch cushion, man turns it over 1/13 Bayer–he doesn’t take direction, she glares at him 1/11 Bayer–contributes to women’s heart research 1/11 Bayer–he confesses he didn’t take doctors advice, wife smugly agrees 12/11 Bayer–man treated like bottle of lawn product–tailgate smashes, falls out of car 4/13 Beauty Rest–sleepy man drive mower thru flowers 7/13 Beauty Rest–sleepy man runs into closed clear door, spills coffee 7/13 Beauty Rest–sleepy man pours coffee into kids cereal 7/13 Beggin Strips–dog with male voice goes crazy over beggin strips 5/08 Belvita–2 stupid policemen knock down beehive, woman glares 2/12 Belvita–women repeatedly kick guy in groin in defense class 4/13 Benedryl — 2 boys sneeze on their mothers 9/07 Beneful — guy talking to dog Best Buy– dad keeps locking son in car, then son falls out 7/07 Best Buy–wife disgusted with man leaving fridge open, boy wipes nose on sleave, boy has dog lick plate 9/07 Best Buy–sentence fragments, guy likes singing musicals, and is ER inclined instead of mechanically inclined 10/7 Best Buy–2 boys look in attic for gifts, get caught, older one sells out his brother 11/07 Best Buy–boss steals worker’s gift card 12/07 Best Buy–2 guys fight over present 12/07 Best Buy–girl calls dad a “sillyhead” when he buys outdated TV 2/11 Best Buy–geek carried on guy’s back and hung on door 7/11 Best Buy–geek carried on woman’s back 8/11 Best Buy–several ads show women besting Santa (big TV, phone, and laptop (she kicks illumated Santa off roof) 12/11 Best Buy–(superbowl) makes fun of Alec Baldwin’s Words With Friends on airplane incident 2/12 Best Buy–Santa falls off bannister 12/12 Best Chance Auto Loan–devil on shoulder is male, angel is female 3/13 Betty Crocker–dad ate Santa’s cookies.

Promoting shelter pet adoption via the Ad Council’s “Shelter Pet Adoption Campaign” is a worthy cause.

CVS Drug–all female cartoon with Sarah Mc Lachlan song 12/07 Dairy Queen–male animated lips talk in high excited pitch when talking about product 4/08 Dairy Queen–little girl gets boy to buy her sundae, “like shooting fish in a barrel” 5/08 Dairy Queen–daughter in fort in living room sells dad his dinner 6/08 Dairy Queen–dad is a baby for Girl Scout blizzard 6/09 Dairy Queen–caveman hits other with rock 3/10 Dairy Queen–song details her date’s shortcomings 5/12 Dannon–boy who needs Dan Active gets tossed around by girl in judo class 4/08 Dawn — mom with eyes in back of head catches 2 sons misbehaving Degree–dog bites robot in groin 8/08 Degree–wolves attack sweating guys 1/11 Degree–3 guys in underwear are thrown in ice truck with wolverine 5/11 Degree–guy is running ahead of bear on exercise wheel 3/12 Dell–office carolers, man embarrassingly bad singer 11/08 Delsym–man coughs on woman on plane, he has a talking fist Delsym–boy coughs on 2 girls at recital, he has talking fist Delsym–mom tries to quiet son & husbands cough with remote 11/10 Delsym–his coughing ruins Superstar show 12/12 Denny’s–guy has a sweater 1/13 Denny’s–guy has trouble with triangle, square and circle with kids 1/13 Dept of Transportation—drunk drivers (all men) with beer filling cars and helmet 8/08 Dial-a-Mate— ladies are free 5/08 Di Giorno — wife turns sprinkler on rude husband Di Giorno– guys get carpet muddy 5/10 Direct TV — Charlie Sheen beans batter to show colorful bruise Direct TV– board room, guy suggests raising prices to get the rich’s disposable income 5/08 Direct TV–in board room, guy says 90% believe anything 50% of time 6/08 Direct TV–in board room, guy suggests “get youthenized”, women smirk, men clueless 3/09 Direct TV–woman asks about King Kong—if only he were more evolved 7/09 Direct TV–waitress wrings rag into drinks of snooty guys 8/10 Direct TV—cop tazes guy who is his competition in fantasy football league 9/10 Direct TV–projectionist hit with blow dart 10/10 Direct TV–cute young woman inherits most everything, man goes nuts when he inherits 6,000 movies 2/11 Direct TV–little girl grabs pixie Eli Manning, won’t let go 9/12 Direct TV–dentist sneezes in guys face, turtle bites guy’s hand 12/12 Direct TV–old man in shoe can’t watch sports because too many kids 4/13 Direct TV–Bill wants romantic comedy, but find’s himself in getting beat up in ring 9/13 Direct TV–guy in sidecar breaks off from motorcycle, speeding downhill 11/13 Direct TV–squirrels attack Dave 11/13 Discover–mom watches son pig out 9/09 Discover–several with bearded “Peggy” 8/10 Discover–guy calls in to quit, “Peggy” gets “retrained”, hit by puppet 4/11 Discover–woman talking to helpdesk, husband didn’t pay bill, and went for milk brought back unhousebroken puppy 1/13 Discover–2 guys high-five over the phone 1/13 Discover–guy who doesn’t like surprises is surprised 11/13 DISH network–astronauts forget to bring tools 5/10 DISH network–astronaut needs space 5/10 DISH network–astronaut is bad singer 6/10 DISH network–he jumps out of moving car to prove her wrong 3/12 DISH–man almost hits another in head with metal bar 6/13 Dodge Charger (Superbowl)–men give in to women as long as can drive car, man’s last stand 2/10 Dodge–woman smacks brother 4/12 Dodge–Anchorman (Will Farrell) teases horse 10/13 Dodge–Anchorman (Will Farrell) yells at dancers 10/13 Dodge–Anchorman (Will Farrell) can’t pronounce mpgs 10/13 Dodge–Anchorman (Will Farrell) glove box holds lots of gum 10/13 Dominos–man makes gaudy abs while waiting for pizza Dominos–guy shaves eyebrows while waiting, woman delivery disgusted 2/08 Dominos–guys learn NY accent while waiting 2/08 Dominos–guy offers sex while 30 min wait, she asks about remaining 28 min.They recently switched their approach to comedy, showing Bill Hader doing stupid stuff like dropping his phone in a urinal, and also showing how Jeremy’s parents are upset with his overseas phone use.See how differently advertisers treat women and men. Our boys must not think much of themselves after watching years of this.However, this time the cause was not so worthy, the campaign and the Fund provided misleading or even false information and was so biased and twisted it came close to promoting child abuse.This campaign depicted pre-teen boys as “abusers in waiting” that needed correction or instruction to prevent them from becoming abusers of women which would be only natural in the minds of the feminists at the Ad Council…

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In the case of traditional advertising, the repetition is probably to make it stick in your mind.

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