Autistic gay dating

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Autistic gay dating

I don't pick up on those "unspoken" social rules that everyone else gets. Freshman year of high school a guy with severe autism liked me and I dated him for a year!I'll post on that subreddit as well, I actually just found that a couple seconds ago. We never did anything sexually but he liked holding my hand and kissing my cheek!it is not a day for other charities or organisations to promote themselves or stifle autistic people.The rainbow infinity symbol is used as the symbol of this day, representing "diversity with infinite variations and infinite possibilities".

That's not what I'm saying, I'm asking if anyone has ever met someone who's gay who was also on the autism spectrum?

For example, while I would theoretically be open to dating someone with autism, I use a lot of subtle communication e.g. Well I'm autistic myself so it''d be pretty shitty of me not to date my own kind.

word choice, intonation, facial expressions, hand gestures, irony, and sarcasm. I obviously don't have a problem outright but despite being an aspie myself, I'm very sensitive and I notice that we tend to not have filters, which means I'm liable to get hurt rather often. I'm not into to him, but I think I could potentially date someone on the spectrum.

I have a friend with Aspergers and he's doing well on the dating scene.

It's one of those things that's different for each individual.

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