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Sokka idolized his father, Hakoda, hoping to become a valiant warrior who would battle the Fire Nation.

Deeply saddened by his father's departure, Sokka eagerly awaited the day he could reunite with him.

Though his anger had faded somewhat, her loss remained a very sore point.

Sokka even admitted that despite the fact his caring, loving mother was important to him, he could not remember her face very well due to the fact that she died when he was at a young age.

Kaya, a young passerby, mistakenly took for her a compliment made by Sokka about the pelts.He proved to be very loyal to her; when Katara decided to defend the fishing village of Jang Hui against the Fire Nation Army, he put his anger aside in order to help her.Later, Sokka confessed to Toph that Katara had always been the one looking out for him.However, she came to see that it was her grandchildren's destiny to journey with the Avatar and saw them off, telling her grandson to take care of his sister and not to tease her.Sokka and Katara had a typical sibling rivalry, and despite constant bickering in the course of their travels, the siblings loved each other dearly.

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Sokka felt obligated to protect his younger sister as urged by his father before his departure to the Earth Kingdom.

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