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Here’s a look at the key differences between a credit lock and credit freeze.Perhaps the main reason a security freeze is the better option is that its promise to guard your credit accounts is guaranteed by law, Tetreault says.An Equifax spokesperson now says the arbitration clause has been removed from Trusted ID's terms and conditions.Because security freezes are now covered by Federal law, if something goes wrong—for example, if credit accounts are fraudulently accessed anyway—consumers will be protected from any financial liability, says Chi Chi Wu, staff attorney focused on consumer credit issues at the National Consumer Law Center, an advocacy group.Consumers worried about identity theft after last year’s massive Equifax data breach can finally freeze their credit reports at all three credit bureaus free of charge.However, each bureau is now offering credit lock tools, sometimes with hefty monthly costs, as alternatives to credit freezes. They both prevent others from accessing your credit information, eliminating the possibility that a fraudster could open a new credit account in your name.But it also included an arbitration agreement requiring that any disputes be settled out of court, which would also prohibit consumers from participating in a class-action suit.Following consumer outrage, however, the company said it would no longer enforce the arbitration clause.

A child's Social Security number can be used by identity thieves to apply for government benefits, open bank and credit card accounts, apply for a loan or utility service, or rent a place to live.Equifax and Trans Union have you create a password if you manage your credit online, and will issue you a PIN if you manage your credit on the phone or by mail.These PINs and passwords are important because you’ll need them in case you want to temporarily lift your credit freeze in the future, for instance, if you want to apply for a new credit card.And remember, you’ll have to make the request with each of the credit bureaus.“It’s important to keep [the PIN or passwords] somewhere safe,” Rossman says.

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To entice consumers to use credit locks, the credit bureaus cite convenience and may offer special deals.