Bb blackdog speed dating

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Bb blackdog speed dating

However, the veteran rocker is absent from the line up, and BB Blackdog fare well without his intervention.

With Bootsy Collins bass lines Guestlist 3 track review.

It sounds like a man that lived way too hard for way too many years. He sings well and compelling, and the fact that I can´t make out one single word he is singing, doesn´t detract from a good feel to the vocals. After their mini-tour leading them through the English county of Sheffield in December and January, BBBlack Dog is incredibly in-tuned to one another, which can also be attributed to the professional backgrounds of all members.

A groove machine pulls the music forward like a stubborn mule its cart.

BBBlack Dog, the song that gave the band its name, is delivered with a straight groove.

It is, however, the number about Rowles’ ex-wife I’ve Had My Fill with its repetitive bass harmonies, its exorbitantly integrated shuffle beats, and its alternating dynamics that captures the hearts of the 70’s rock fans.

Simultaneously, Rowles also drags the sound through the Wah-wah pedal while the dark swampy foundation is provided by Stefan Becker’s contribution on four strings and the incredibly powerful drum line is produced by Axel Boldt.

Women For those who wondered what The Doors would of gone on to create, “Women” is a good theory, for that matter Hawkwind would also be applicable.

Part black metal, part brooding love song, the track staggers, and darkly waltzes to its bassy feedback fade.

Gorgeously gothic, and sung with equal sinister relish, BB Blackdog avoid being shoe horned into a narrow genre, and place their strength in producing a spectrum of competent and well written tracks.

But BBBlack Dog does everything right: Rowles’ voice sounds as if Jack Bruce sang the Cream albums through a beer can – influences from Black Sabbath, The Edgar Broughton Band, and Stoner Rock in general are unmistakable.

Rowles scrubs across the four strings of his Rickenbacker bass with a bottleneck; tonight isn’t the first time since Motörhead that the brand Rickenbacker has had to sacrifice itself for such guitar-like chordal vulgarity.

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The Derbyshire/Lubeck connection is convincing from the get-go with authentic songs that fire up the audience in the packed pub.

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