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Beast bayesian dating

The default value of 10,000,000 is entirely arbitrary and should be adjusted according to the size of your dataset.

In order examine whether a particular chain length is adequate, the resulting log file can be analysed using Tracer.

The bottom half of this panel allows you to choose how BEAST selects a starting tree.

In most situations it is better to leave this as Selecting priors is one of the most challenging aspects of Bayesian analysis.

The other molecular clock models relax this assumptions in various ways which later tutorials will discuss.

option has many choices divided generally into ‘Coalescent’ models which are generally suited to populations and ‘Speciation’ models which, as the name suggests are intended for species level data.

This is the number of steps the MCMC will make in the chain before finishing.

The next column, labelled , gives a tuning setting to the operator.This is the default — the taxa all have a date of zero and the tab you can set the model of molecular evolution for the sequence data you have loaded.Exactly which options appear depend on whether the data are nucleotides or amino acids (or other forms of data).Some operators don’t have any tuning settings so have n/a under this column.Changing the tuning setting will set how large a move that operator will make which will affect how often that change is accepted by the MCMC which will affect the efficency of the analysis.

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As we have sequence data from a handful of species, we will select the 213: 402-420 is the simplest model of speciation where each lineage is assumed to have speciated at a fixed rate.

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