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Even today, information about animal behaviour is of considerable importance.

For example, in Britain, studies on the social organization and the ranging patterns of badgers () are among the most common traffic accidents in rural areas, research on moose behaviour has yielded ways of keeping them off roads and verges.

However, everytime I tried to leave he kept getting infront of me, physically restrain me or punch me again. However, I could not find the exit of the premises.

So, I had to jump off a 6ft wall to get away from him. My cousin followed me down the street hurling verbal abuse and threats while i tried to get away.

In relation to him, if this is a cut that is 3 inches long then unless its very deep, its a common assault. He may well have been arrested for ABH but it will drop down to a common assault.

However, he is in the care of adult social services and never gets appropriate punishment for his offences. When the officers turned up at my house to see if they had the right address, they told my father that i had committed a minor common assault and would probably receive a caution.

My lawyer also said that I was eligable for a caution or a conditional caution. I'm surprised they didn't caution you then.

My cousin has most definatly stolen it, because he has done things like this several times before and also has a conviction for robbery.

This whole ordeal has left me with a bruise on my right eye and an injured leg which I have been prescribed some lotion for.

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In addition, investigations of the foraging of insect pollinators, such as honeybees, have led to impressive increases in agricultural crop yields throughout the world.) are animals themselves, and most humans are deeply interested in the lives and minds of their fellow humans, their pets, and other creatures.