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Since I've downloaded all of these packages while trying out apt-rpm, I first uninstall apt, then upgrade the other 4 packages to get rpm4 installed, and install apt back once when rpm4 is ok: # rpm -e --nodeps apt apt-libs lua # # rpm -Uhv --nodeps popt_1.7-76_i586db_4.1.25-76_i586rpm_4.1.1-77_i586perl-5.8.1-51.i586....

After doing that, I compare the newly installed apt configuration files with my originals, and decide to keep the mine (which apt installation saved as .rpmsave): # rpm -Uhv apt_0.5.5cnc6-rb6_i586apt-libs_0.5.5cnc6-rb6_i586lua-5.0-rb3.i586# mv /etc/apt/rpmsave /etc/apt/# mv /etc/apt/rpmsave /etc/apt/# mv /etc/apt/rpmsave /etc/apt/Now I synchronise the apt db (apt update), and it shows of course that there are two versions of rpm.

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