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It’s common practice in many urban areas for thinner women to often pay thousands of dollars for implants to become more voluptuous like BBW are naturally! This means that you can go out and enjoy a nice meal in any restaurant.Sometimes dating thinner ladies means you’re forever finding restaurants that can cater for their low-fat or low-carb diet. Dating a BBW means you can eat out without them being restricted because of their diet.Meeting new people and going on dates is a really exciting experience. Snuggle up under a blanket with a movie, you’ll feel right at home.Larger ladies obviously are much more voluptuous in every way than their thinner counterparts, so there is more to love.In fact, research shows that we know whether or not we want to date someone within thirty seconds of meeting them.According to Helen Fisher at Rutgers University, the body responds within 1 second of seeing someone.

Here’s why we think dating a BBW is great: I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t love dating! Here are some great reasons why BBW dating is great: Hugging a lady with curves is so much nicer than cuddling up to a thinner woman! These bigger ladies have bodies that are made for hugging and you’ll certainly feel a sense of comfort in the arms of a BBW.

Attraction is a strange phenomenon; nobody really decides what they find attractive, it’s just one of those things that is a part of you, like other parts of your personality.

There is no exact science behind the laws of attraction but when you are attracted to someone, you certainly feel that there is a biology behind it or a physical force controlling it.

Now we’re in the 21 century, and particularly since the start of the 2010 decade, the general population is more open and accepting and all-inclusive when deciding who to date.

This is helped by curvy women becoming famous for their beauty, including plus-size models.

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If you’re really into your food, BBW dating means you get to eat a lot of it.