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In order to give your profile every chance of success, it is visible to over-50s members of our general dating services using the same platform.For more information about the terms of your profile’s extended visibility and the way in which you can monitor this, click here.A few days later I was going over my statements and saw that they had double charged me the following day. Purchased it through Google Play so I contacted them about this issue.Went back a year and found this had happened at this time as well. Firstly the menus for finding issues has no double charge option.Even if you found it immediately I doubt they'd help. Absolutely no one talks ever, even after you match with them. It's actually making people go away from emotions and love. Thus, be careful when taking out longer subscriptions. Amount of Rs 520 is deducted twice from my bank account.This help people to make 'relationship' as a mechanical process. That is 1040 while subscribing on Tinder but still I didn't get any subscription which is really disgusting and frustrating now.When I ask which policy exactly I had violated they didn’t even give me the courtesy of telling me which one.

And if you do purchase it keep a very close eye on your account. It is THAT bad.** app for making money and playing with people's feelings. There was nothing offensive in my profile or photos. I lost almost all my yearly subscription money to Tinder Plus.Secondly to get in contact with them you have to dig around because they don't make it easy. Was told I'd be called back multiple times and never received calls.Then you talk to the staff and no one has access to anything to help. I called over half a dozen times and talked to a dozen people and no one could do anything.Ive had a lot of personal growth since my divorce, and have a far better understanding of myself and ..Intelligent,good temper,caring,honest, loyal and faithful man, seeks a woman for a serious, stable and life long relationship. Does not matter her financial situation or if she has or does..

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