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Unsurprisingly, Granddad is fearful of responding truthfully or making an excuse.A martial arts sound effect is heard every time someone says "kumite".Luna takes the bait, and leaves to the delight of the Freemans, particularly Huey, who believed Granddad's "Fidel Castro's birthday" excuse wouldn't work.

Luna finally calms down, frees both Granddad and Tom and decides to leave the Freeman household. It is revealed that Tobias is the secret son of Colonel Lynchwater.A visual gag shows her Myspace photo set floating next to her as she stands in the doorway, for comparison purposes.When Granddad asks who these 'others' are, Luna explains her life story and her unfortunate relationships with men around her, that her father was physically abusive to her mother notably when feeding him dinner that ends with him spitting out food and slapping her with the plate, exclaiming "Bitch, this chicken is cold!When the plan nearly goes awry, Catcher manages to kill Lynchwater and Tobias is killed by Thelma.The story ends with Catcher and Thelma marrying and moving North.

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Tom agrees, and says kidnapping those who she has feelings for but does not receive them back in return is not an ideal way to get a partner.