Botswana dating site with email

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Botswana dating site with email

Fed Ex labels and documents may be reprinted up to 12 hours after they are processed, or until midnight local time (whichever comes first).Click on the ‘Ship History’ tab, select the shipment and click on the ‘Reprint’ button.Fed Ex will attempt to honor the new delivery request, but verification and handling procedures may result in delays.

Dimensional weight is determined by multiplying a package’s length x height x width (all in centimeters) and divide by 5,000 or such other number as specified by Fed Ex from time to time on

If you need further detailed delivery information, please call Fed Ex Customer Service at 2.

Delivery days and times vary between services and locations, and generally happens from 8am to 5pm.

to benefit from a full range of services and start shipping.

For one-off requirements, you can personally drop off your unsealed package at one of our Fed Ex Service Centers (list available online) and proceed with the shipment without an account number.

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and click on the ‘Ship History’ tab of the label being generated.

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