Bpd ultrasound dating table

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This study was conducted in Government Medical College and attached group of hospital, Kota (Rajasthan).This study was carried out to measure BPD of the fetus in a total of 200 gravid females by using a grey scale real time Sonography Machine (Toshiba color Doppler Nemio XG) employing a 6-3 MHz convex transducer.Not only has it provided information about age but also fetal weight and growth of the fetus.In a country like India where most females don't keep a record of last menstrual period (LMP) then these parameters are valuable in estimating GA of fetus.Hence, biometric values or curves of one population may overestimate or underestimate the fetal age if used for other population with different demographic characteristics.

According to [Table 1], mean BPD showed increase of 2.38 cm in 13-20 weeks, 2.18 cm between 20 and 27 weeks and only 1.72 cm from 27 to 34 weeks.Average growth rate of BPD was found to be 0.31 cm/week from 13 to 28 weeks which then later reduced to 0.23 cm/week from 28 to 36 weeks of gestation.Estimation of GA by ultrasonography is of high clinical importance for diagnosis, investigation and treatment of fetus in vitro.Conclusion: Bi-parietal diameter is one of the useful criteria to measure GA and to predict expected date of delivery.Mean measurements of BPD in this study was found to be lower than that of western studies except Hadlock series, which compares well with this study.

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Other materials used were aqua saline jelly, multiformat camera, single coated sonographic films and transvaginal probe. A completely filled F form (in compliance to Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques act) duly signed by radiologists and women undergoing sonography was submitted prior to the examination.