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To further simplify programming and increase memory efficiency, individual pattern segments can be any size greater than 128 bits.

Advancement of the memory sequence can be controlled by software control, external signal, or detector pattern match providing the user with multiple means for controlling handshaking with test devices.

For example, check for pattern sensitivity of the latest rising edges.

Alternatively, use one-button measurement of BER Contour to see whether performance issues are bounded or likely to cause critical failures in the field.

The BSX-series introduces a new pattern editor capable of supporting the bit-oriented and protocol-aware pattern as well as pattern sequence creation.

Sequence editor In Protocol Aware Sequencer mode, the editor translates the symbolic protocol messages to protocol-specific blocks of data (without any transformation) in the generator pattern memory.

Note that transition between sequencer states can be made without regard to data “stitching” problems since the sequencer maintains scrambling/DC balancing states.

Sequencer Eye diagrams have always provided an easy and intuitive view of digital performance.

It has been harder to tie this directly with BER performance, as the instruments that provide views of each have been architected in fundamentally different ways.

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