Chat with bianca

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Chat with bianca

It does have a darker undertone at times and I think one of the biggest takeaways is that it reminds you to pay attention and remember your history and where you’ve been.I feel like what happens a lot is that we can become quite desensitized to this kind of thing because we just hear about it a lot, forced removals and apartheid and then we just become desensitized to it.It’s been very challenging but the cast has been exceptionally warm and friendly and really helpful. To be honest, I feel like from the outside he is really good at giving people a foot in the door.They are always helping me with choreography and stuff backstage and just very willing. I feel like he is good at recognising something special or something that he thinks is special in somebody.You are forcibly removed from the place that you live in.

Then I auditioned for Blood Brothers and I didn’t get in and then a couple of months down the line he was like “you should come in and just give it a bash and we’d like you to understudy for Bianca.” I was very grateful to him actually just for opening the door for me because I think the industry can be quite tight-knit at times.

I would work with him again and again just for that reason.

I loved that this show is just filled with so much joy.

Thenwas quite exciting because it was completely new so it is always beautiful to work on something that nobody has done before it means you get to put your own stamp on it from the beginning.

This is also just a completely different challenge for me.

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I feel like people are nostalgic and they just don’t know and the show speaks to that sense of nostalgia I think that you didn’t even know you were missing until you watch it.

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