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What It Means: Maybe you are wrapping up a chat with someone and end it with “PNL” to symbolize peace and love.What It Means: Very similar to “LMAO,” this acronym has you, yes, rolling on the floor in laughter instead of laughing your a** off.But for those who do not: it is a noun to define a picture that you take of yourself.Almost always captured with a mobile device, you can also take a selfie of you and another person.What It Means: With two different uses, you may see this acronym when someone tells you to watch out or tells you good-bye.For example, if a coworker tells you to “CYA,” then you better cover your butt to avoid getting into trouble.In the office, at home, and in normal conversation, you may use it more than you think.So, you can save a few keystrokes with this acronym for it.

What It Means: Whether you are heading to your friend’s house, waiting for them to pick you up, or just need something fast, “QAP” is the acronym you want to say “quick as possible.”What It Means: If you ask your buddy what he is up to and he responds that he is “wheeling,” then you know he is out picking up women.What It Means: Where in formal writing “all right” is normally used, “alright” is a more casual way to respond affirmatively.If your friend asks if you want to watch a movie or tells you that they will be right back, you might use this response. ”What It Means: When something is so hilarious, this acronym comes in to let your recipient know that.What It Means: This is another simple acronym that you may just not know the meaning of at first glance.You would use it just like the phrase it stands for, for instance, “LMK if you can go.” Or use it as a quick response when someone says they will get back to you on a question.

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When “groovy” turned into “tubular” and evolved into “awesome,” you knew you would have to keep up over time.