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Posted by / 24-Feb-2020 01:17

While these anonymous chat apps might be new, the concept of sharing information anonymously on the Internet is not.

Sites like 4chan and have provided platforms for anonymous posting and confessions for years.

Would-be confessors can choose from a number of anonymous apps, each with their own slightly different feature sets and methods of anonymity.

Some of the popular ones include: Whisper, Secret, Cloaq LLC, Yik Yak, Inc., Backchat and Burn Note, Inc.

Millions are turning to anonymous chat apps to confess all sorts of information in a very public yet purportedly secret way.

For example, Whisper admitted that it and might even consider using that information for targeted advertising.Some might say anonymity on the Internet is an oxymoron.Social media in particular is, by its nature, meant to be open and social.Others are completely anonymous and random, requiring no personal information from you (not even your email address), and connecting you with whomever happens to appear.Ideally, you can share all kinds of dark secrets about yourself or others without anyone knowing it was you who posted the information.

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Even if a post you make is not sharable through a “share” button or copying and pasting, a quick screen shot on a phone or computer can allow the ambitious spy to share your post with everyone.

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