Cherry blossoms dating promotion

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Enjoy the food, games, and entertainment of the cherry blossom festivals.

The dates of these festivals vary depending on the blooming period of the cherry blossoms.

When the flowers are in bloom, the people of Japan begin their new jobs and students enter a new school year.

The season invokes feelings of hope and optimism as people set out to start a new chapter in their lives.

The list below shows the general dates for when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom.Normally, there is no garbage bin nearby, so it is highly encouraged to bring a bag with you to properly dispose your trash.Japanese Cherry Blossom Festivals To add to the experience of seeing the beautiful sakura trees, there are frequent festivities that take place in various areas of Japan.Throughout history, the beauty of the cherry blossoms inspired many artworks and became an iconic symbol of the country.Sakura is regarded as a metaphor for life, reminding people the fragility of impermanence.

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This variety was first discovered in the 1950s in the Kawazu area.