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To say that decade was eventful, both for the world at large and for Rock personally, would be a drastic understatement. If you’re hoping he’ll address his longtime collaborator’s admitted sexual misconduct — if you’re hoping he’ll talk about how C. pressured female comedians to watch or listen to him masturbate — you’re going to be disappointed.

The thread that ties this all together is Rock’s comparing marriage to being in a band and sometimes having to play the titular tambourine.

Also, it makes me feel bad for anyone who had to play the tambourine in a band.

If you’re gonna play the tambourine, play it right. , this bit is full of palpable regret, like a visitor from the future warning the world of imminent danger. You can say it, but you don’t really miss the motherfucker, because you’re with them all the time.

You’d think they’d look at their dead nigga calendar and go, “Oh my god, we’re up to 16. ” “Ah, the first you see singing Cardi B.” Honestly, I wanna live in a world with real equality. ” is mostly taken up with classic Rock material pointing out the hypocrisy and imbalance of race relations in America.

I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month. I wanna see white mothers on TV cryin’, standin’ next to Al Sharpton, talkin’ about “We need justice for Chad! The sentiments and the imagery are provocative — only a master like Rock could make dead children funny — but it occasionally feels like he’s trying to get through this stuff because he knows the audience expects him to weigh in. As rote as it might be, it still works, because it’s Chris Rock threading the needle without breaking a sweat.

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” People say “Relationships are tough.” No, they’re not.

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