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If she's going away to school, you won't know how often she gets drunk before she's legally allowed to drink, but it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy: Let her know you believe she'll make good decisions, and she just might live up to that. And remember: Dorm dwellers return home throughout the year. True story: My grandparents while my aunt was away at school, and forgot to tell her their new address. You wouldn't make a mistake that big, but what slips your mind when your child's out of sight may surprise you. Your laundry room is paradise compared to many dorm facilities.

Or what about the dyslexic devil worshiper who sold his soul to Santa?You have to be able to judge first of all whether the listeners will actually appreciate it and understand it.Then you have to watch your pacing, emphasis and build suspense.Researchers at the University of New Mexico have confirmed that humorous people are indeed more intelligent.The researchers asked 400 students (200 men and 200 women) to take part in the study.

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So at 17/18 years old, she likely doesn't want more info, but she does want your vote of confidence. Living away from home for perhaps the first time and balancing demanding classes with an equally demanding social life really can be stressful—before you mandate that you Skype every other day at 8 P. You know how many times I used that card for purchases my parents hadn't pre-sanctioned? But if you can swing keeping the room as is, your child will appreciate it. Your student likely won't care about the minutiae—your new garden gnome, your hairstylist's new dog—but the biggies—your next-door neighbor moving away, you and your hubby going on vacation—warrant a heads-up. Washing clothes at college is a demoralizing process filled with fighting for empty machines and picking clothes off the floor when a student doesn't retrieve them the second the dryer stops. Most teens adapt to and fall in love with college life almost instantly.

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