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Colt detective special dating

Firing in double action, there is a point as you pull through where the trigger can be staged, indicated by a tactile feel in the grip accompanied by an audible click as the cylinder locks into battery.This is easy to miss, but on the 1950s-era Cobras, the trigger pull had a clear and definite staging point when the cylinder rotated into battery.Like the venomous reptile it was named after, this sixgun was light and agile—almost 6 ounces lighter than the Detective Special.

Cocking the hammer on the new Cobra, however, results in a much lighter single-action trigger pull of 3.56 pounds.Colt has recently added a great feature, allowing you to look up your Colt firearm by entering the serial number. Colt Firearm Serial Number Lookup - Year of Manufacture well you get an "atta boy" on that one.....i plugged in my python s/n & apparently that s/n was used on other colt's too.The new gun uses a similar design, though not so elegantly executed, as it looks more like a swell than a taper. As much as I like the attractive optional factory ivory stocks on the original Cobra (as well as original Colt full-checkered walnut grips) the Cobra could have a bite when you pulled its nicely grooved trigger.Keep in mind that the original Cobras were handcrafted, hand-fitted revolvers; the new guns are the product of today’s manufacturing technology. The new Cobra picks up on the Second Issue model, which had oversized (hardwood) grips, only now you get a recoil-absorbing Hogue Over Molded rubber, a one-piece grip that fills the average-sized hand and provides a better grasp.

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S&W is not alone in this market today, a fact that was not lost on Colt as the company began to resurrect itself once again in the new century.

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