Comcast tv guide not updating

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Comcast tv guide not updating

STV/Onsat, a print programming guide publisher, introduced Super Guide, an interactive electronic programming guide for home satellite dish viewers.The system was the focus of a 1987 article in STV Magazine.EPGs are transmitted by specialized video character generation (CG) equipment housed within each such provider's central headend facility.By tuning into an EPG channel, a menu is displayed that lists current and upcoming television shows on all available channels.The original system had a black-and-white display, and would locally store programming information for around one week in time.A remote control was used to interact with the unit.This unit also had a single button recording function, and controlled VCRs via an infrared output (see ).

The information was stored locally so that the user could use the guide without having to be on a particular satellite or service.Interactive program guides are nearly ubiquitous in most broadcast media today.EPGs can be made available through television (on set-top boxes and all current digital TV receivers), mobile phones (particularly through smartphone apps), and on the Internet.Scandinavia also is a highly innovative EPG market.Even in Italy, the EPG penetration is relatively high with 38%.

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In 1981, United Video Satellite Group launched the first EPG service in North America, a cable channel known simply as The Electronic Program Guide.