Comedy video dating from canada

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Comedy video dating from canada

In every seven to 10 minute segment, real life storytellers recall their most embarrassing dates, which are then recreated by comedic actors.

Laura is one of storytellers featured in season two. The one so uncomfortable and darkly self-deprecating no one could top it.

Mac Donald and Jain ended up meeting at a technology conference and hitting it off, followed by meeting again on a plane.

"I realized you know we're actually very compatible and see life in the same light and became really good friends from that point on." The two stayed in touch, so when Jain told Mac Donald about how his kids were telling him he should go out and date more, they began brainstorming ideas for dating apps that were better than those out on the market.

So when her agent asked if she had any wild dating stories to contribute to the second season of (the show intentionally offers no last names) that begins as Machiavellian dog sitting flirt ploy and ends several twists later in a rather unfortunate and uncomfortably long bodily function — is a standout episode in the second season of CBC Comedy's digital series .

Jain graduated from the University of Regina with an accounting degree.He's bought a football team with Motley Crue's Vince Neal, and his latest venture has seen him come up with a video dating app that he launched with comedian Norm Mac Donald.And through it all, he's come back home to Regina to appreciate the roller-coaster it's all been.He joined up with some buddies to launch FANchise, "a video game meets real life professional football." The idea burgeoned into buying an actual indoor football team that allowed fans to scout players, interview coaches, and make the calls, a project that eventually saw its way onto the CBC show ."You've got this armchair quarterback that thinks he's better than all the professional coaches and everything out there," explained Jain of the idea.

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These shows had an interest in fun but they also had a dark sense of humour to them.

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