Condoleezza rice dating history

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Condoleezza rice dating history

Rice's mother, Angelena, was a teacher and church organist.

In 1963 the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, situated in the middle of Birmingham's black community, was the site of a tragic firebombing that killed four little girls who were attending Sunday school. Rice's family moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, around 1965, when she was eleven years old.

But Janne Nolan, a friend of Rice's from her early days as a Stanford University professor, told New Yorker writer Nicholas Lemann that Rice had a solid track record for proving herself.

"I've watched it over and over again—the sequential underestimation of Condi," Nolan told Lemann. She's always thought of as underqualified and in over her head, and she always kicks everyone's butt." A job such as Rice's requires nerves of steel, and the French- and Russian-fluent academic, whose friends and family call her "Condi," fits the bill.

Rice's keen intellect, steely unflappability, and Southern charm have served her well.

Those qualities, her family and friends told , arise from something deep within her.

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Her father, John Wesley Rice Jr., was a football coach and high school guidance counselor at one of Birmingham's black public schools.