Consequences of dating too young Xxx chat sms

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Consequences of dating too young

Age differences in dating relationships – and in marriages – are often a hot-button topic for couples with 5, 10, or more years between them.

Is the age difference too large, or is age just not a factor?Rather, you’re waiting because you’re both young and there’s a lot of life ahead of you.Your approach is probably a good one if this does indeed describe your relationship.Couples who cohabit prior to marriage because they want to ‘try things out’ often adopt this approach because they already see some potential problems with long-term compatibility.It should come as no surprise then that these types of relationships are less than stable if they transition into a marital relationship (in fact, it’s very likely that this ‘group’ of cohabiters contributes a large degree to the finding that premarital cohabitation is bad for marriage).

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Discussing hopes and plans along these lines could help couples determine how best to move forward. Such marginalization may be stressful or isolating, and can translate into relationship evaluations.

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