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Posted by / 26-Mar-2020 07:50

However, these cost per month but comes with a lot of extras.And if you are juggling multiple email addresses this can add up quite fast.Or you could also look at it as 3,000 emails per month for free.Depending on how many emails you send or how big your business is, this still might be more than enough.If you start getting into the 5,000 emails per month, you are going to want to use a 3rd party transactional or premium email service.Below are a few good SMTP alternatives which you might want to look into.However, even though it is completely free, nothing is without its limits.

One easy way to do this is to simply use a G Suite email.For small businesses or companies with low email volume, Google’s free SMTP server can be a great solution and you can use Gmail in a sense to relay your email.They have a very large infrastructure and you can rely on their services to stay online.Or you can use Mail Gun email routing rules which is completely free.So now that you have all your email accounts forwarding mail to your personal Gmail account you need a way to send from those accounts.

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