Convalidating a catholic marriage

Posted by / 23-May-2020 22:30

Convalidating a catholic marriage

Two days later, on January 30, I celebrate our two-year convalidation anniversary.

The help of Reconciliation During the season we spent going through the annulment process, the sacrament of Reconciliation became a place of solace for me—even though I could not receive the full benefits of the sacrament. In Reconciliation we return to an eyelash-to-eyelash position with God.

If you need an annulment, get one; no matter how long it takes, it is worth the wait.

If you are living together outside of marriage, go find a strong priest who is on fire for Christ and the gospel, and get help with your situation.

And so on this second anniversary of my convalidation, I want to encourage all of you, my brothers and sisters who are cradle Catholics: Fear not!

If you have a troubled marriage, seek help; our God is a gracious, most merciful God, seek Him.

For months while we walked through the purgatorial annulment season, I would show up and plop down in the chair opposite my priest: “I know you already know, but I need to remind you again that I cannot apply the sacrament to you,” my priest kindly and gently reminds me. Even without absolution and the full exercise and benefits of the sacrament, God used this time to work on my heart.Man must feel himself called to rediscover, or even better, to realize, the spousal meaning of the body and to express in this way the interior freedom of the gift, that is, the freedom of that spiritual state and power that derive from mastery over the concupiscence of the flesh.These words from Saint John Paul II, have for me, been at the heart of the annulment and convalidation process; healing, redemption, purity, mastery over concupiscence, a deeper understanding of the spousal meaning of the body, and a grasp of the sacramentality of marriage.And yet this is precisely how we are sanctified, St. The right thing to do is always the right thing to do, even if it comes after 18 years.At this moment of history every act of faithfulness regarding marriage counts.

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I can never write those words without tearing up—they move me so.