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Cornelius smith jr dating

Then it got canceled and I pretty much decided to stay in LA and continue the push—continue the vision." After a few years of working on national commercials and in minor acting roles, Cornelius "made it to Shondaland," he says. I put my mind, body and soul into focusing on that goal. Life is a learning process and I am really happy with where I am right now and I'm excited for the other things that are getting ready to come down the pipeline." sixth season returned returned to ABC on January 26 with a bang—literally—and since the premiere episode, the Thursday night drama has gladiators everywhere freaking out.So, what can we expect from the rest of the season?They are lovely and kind human beings, so for somebody to invite me and say, "Hey, you're one of us now, welcome to the family"—what a family to be a part of.There are no egos on set, you don't feel like you're walking on ice. "Obviously, having employment as an actor is a very good thing!" The now-34-year-old, who moved to Los Angeles from Detroit while working on the daytime soap, didn't have set plans to pursue an acting career out west: " taped in New York and then moved to California, so I moved with the show.It was very heartwarming and touching and I immediately saw how much of a family it was.Everybody is the best at what they do and the commitment and the integrity and passion is very high.

It was a great opportunity to observe and listen and meet everybody, and I was welcomed with such open arms.Two days later I was in the fitting room getting fitted and on set meeting Kerry Washington.Everything about "The Lawn Chair," was really explosive, relevant, and touching.I guess some people saw it coming, but I had no idea, and it's funny because when we tape these scenes, we are taping them without any information of what's going to happen [next].Every single episode, it's just in that moment, dealing with what we know—and that's it.

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Two days later I got a call saying that they haven't cast the role and they wanted me to come read in person.

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