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Cosmogenic dating labs

The package also allows Bayesian analysis of sequences, phases, tree-ring sequences, age-depth models, etc. BCal: Online Bayesian radiocarbon calibration tool. Developed at the Department of Probability & Statistics, University of Sheffield (UK), this allows users to obtain calibrated dates on data sets entered via a Web browser.

Cal Pal: Cologne Radiocarbon CALibration and PALaeoclimate Package.

United States NOAA Earth System Research Library (ESRL) 14CO2 data and Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) data.

National Geophysical Data Center Paleoclimatology Home Page.

Establishing and Bayesian Approach to Determining Cosmogenic Nuclide Reference Production Rates Using He-3.

Late onset of the last ice cover at Bear Peninsula, western Amundsen Sea Embayment of Antarctica, revealed by in situ cosmogenic C and 10Be dating.

Cordilleran Ice Sheet mass loss preceded climate reversals near the Pleistocene Termination. Middle Pleistocene Formation of the Rio Grande Gorge, San Luis Valley, south-central Colorado and north-central New Mexico, USA: Process, Timing, and Downstream Implications. Analysis of multiple cosmogenic nuclides constrains Laurentide Ice Sheet history and process on Mt. A Fully Automated System for the Extraction of in situ Cosmogenic Carbon-14 in the Tulane University Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory. Marginal retreat of the western Cordilleran Ice Sheet during the last deglaciation.

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Rapid thinning of the Laurentide Ice Sheet at Mount Washington, New Hampshire during the Bølling Warming.