Currier ives dating prints

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Currier ives dating prints

I have never seen a clearly "period" framing job on a Currier & Ives print which had large margins.This just wasn't how people framed Currier & Ives prints.(Find more at Maps seem to attract a lot of collectors, more so than do prints.There are collectors for important historical figures, such as Washington and Lincoln, and historical events, such as the American Revolution or Presidential elections, but most prints are purchased more on a one time basis rather than as part of a collection.These two lists created an instant market for the 100 prints chosen and the lists have been reprinted in many Currier & Ives books since.In 1988 a new, more democratic process of selecting the "Best 50" was sponsored by the American Historical Print Collectors Society (AHPCS).The reason for this is that the margins are not something that has any essential meaning to the prints.That is, there is no historical significance to the margins and in fact trimmed margins are more a part of the actual history of Currier & Ives prints than big margins.

In general, the most valuable are winter scenes, followed closely by railroad prints.

Currier & Ives themselves sold prints in their shop with the option of buying them framed.

If you went into their shop and picked out a print and a frame, they would immediately cut down the print to fit into the frame.

A small folio railroad print in fine condition will sell for over ,000, whereas one with tears or faded color will not sell at all to serious collectors and so will sell for much less to when it does sell.

One of the "peculiar" things about Currier & Ives collectors is that many of them are very focused on margins.

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There is a story that a collector drove for hours to go see a top Currier & Ives because the owner told him it had large margins and was in great shape, but when the collector got to the owner's house he found that it was a reproduction, only about half the size of the original.

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