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I thought I would address some of the fundamentals regarding how the addiction is sustained by the addict, or what I call the “start-stop relapse cycle.” Eric is a 46-year-old computer programmer who described how hard it was for him to go “cold turkey” from cybersex during work. I feel comfortable there, and I typically find a good partner quickly.I always think about cybersex when I feel stressed from work and overwhelmed on the job.

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These family friendly ISPs stop sexual content from the server end, so there is less chance of relapse.

This has been found to be the most effective way to dealing with the addiction.

Afterwards, I realize that I should not do this to my wife and also to my work.

My boss will find out one day if I don’t stop doing this in my office.

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First, it is important to determine the Internet activities, situations, and emotions that are most likely to trigger net binges.